Steel and Maple Monostringer

On this project we worked closely with Green Gables Design and Restoration to elevate this beautiful restoration in the Oregon High Desert. Features include a sandblasted and clear coated structural I-beam monostringer system, solid, one-piece western maple treads, and matching western Maple Handrails mortised perfectly into the brushed Stainless Steel balustrade system. To get solid wood treads this thick, we had to plan almost a year in advance of this project. A log had to be selected specifically for this stair case before it went to the saw, because it is so difficult to correctly dry solid hardwoods more than 4″ thick. By taking the time and proper planning, this stair became one of the most exquisite we have ever produced, as can be seen in the precision of our welding and fabrication, and the finely tuned allowances between the wood, steel, and stainless steel components. Other aspects of this project include slabs of maple from the same tree as the treads milled and installed as shelving in the living room, and one live-edge slab used as the sink counter top in the bathroom. We also fabricated an exterior railing to match the interior stainless and maple balustrade in powder coated steel and Ipe.


Stair Design - MW Design Workshop
Builder - Green Gables

mw design workshop custom stairs
mw design workshop custom stairs
mw design workshop custom stairs
mw design workshop custom bathroom vanity
mw design workshop custom stairs

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