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For this exceptional project we worked very closely with Aaron Stewart Home to bring the concept into reality. The primary style statements of this kitchen is the use of blackened stainless as the face of all the cabinet drawers and door fronts, as well as the large Western Walnut slab top used for the island. Every drawer, door, and panel was wrapped in stainless and received a painstaking 7-step hand-applied blackened patina. We manufactured custom hardware for all the door and drawer pulls, which also were hand-finished.  Other details include integrated LED lighting inside the cabinet boxes, a custom made hood vent cover, the fabricated support leg for the island slab, and custom door pulls for the rest of the home, all in matching blackened stainless.

For the Island, we used two matched slabs of Western Walnut. We edge-joined the slabs using a curved edge joint, with several butterfly splines adding mechanical strength, and more beauty. The resulting table is 8′ long and 5′ wide, notched around the marble waterfall of the cook-top. After crafting and assembling the kitchen in our-shop true to dimension, we then disassembled every piece and broke it down to transport to the final destination: San Juan, Puerto Rico. After delivery, we advised the local installation team on re-assembling all the components into the apartment kitchen.


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mw design workshop custom table cladding
mw design workshop custom cladding
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