Freestanding Remodel

This custom wreathed staircase is fully free-standing, with attachment only at the main and upper floor of the primary structural stringer. The the handrails and treads each were carved from solid oak. All steel on this stair features our hand-applied blackened patina, showcasing the beauty of the hammered surface of the guardrail and the elegant bend of the stringer. Scroll to the bottom to see the old before photo of the existing staircase before this remodel started!


Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_02
Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_10
Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_08
Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_07
Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_05
Riverknoll Way_MW_High Res_03

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