For the 2017 Street of Dreams, we were tasked with designing and building this statement-making pivot entry door.  The home was designed by the esteemed Kengo Kuma & Associates, and built by Westlake Development.  The goal was to make a seamless door that integrated into the entry wall on both the interior and exterior of the home.  The large size of the door necessitated creativity on our part to make the structure strong and light internally, as well as match the thickness of the wall.  All hardware on this door was customized or custom made from scratch, from the strike-plate, to the handle, to the pivot bearings.  The cladding is a tongue and groove engineered product from Suteki America, the Japanese building products company that used this home to showcase their wood building products.

We went through great pains to make the door as light as possible, from using aluminum to fabricate the internal structure, to insulating with lightweight foam, to only skinning the door in wood.  Despite the design and engineering, once we added the custom-forged full-height pulls, the door still weighed in in excess of 600 pounds!

The custom pulls and latch hardware were forged in-house on our 100lb, 1947 Little Giant power-hammer from solid steel.  To keep the door as streamlined as possible, we placed the deadbolt and lock cylinder in the jamb, rather than the standard method of the deadbolt in the door.  This unorthodox layout makes the door elegant and clean, as well as adding another element of interest not normally seen.

The end result is a feature in the home, not the door as a single unit, but turning the entire entry area, both inside and out, into a special moment that draws you in.