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We use doors to create and define spaces, to separate ourselves from distractions, to shelter from cold, heat or tempest. To sleep in peace, be alone or alone with our loved ones. Sometimes we need them for protection, sometimes we need them for hope and a way forward. That is why we as people connect with objects, because they reflect something that is deep and important to us. A well designed and crafted door is a small portal to life. It sets the tone for how we want to welcome others, how we wish to go into our daily lives or return home.

pivot doors

MW has developed a unique weatherstripping solution for pivot doors that allows for a better seal against the elements when used in an exterior application.  Pivot entry doors are a beautiful statement piece, and our door systems can integrate existing handle hardware, or use custom-machined components for a completely unique look.  We typically recommend using a System M pivot mechanism from Fitrzjurgens for the auto-close and dampening features.

mw design workshop pivot door
mw design workshop custom pivot door
mw design workshop pivot door
mw design workshop pivot door

metal cladded doors

Whether steel and glass doors, bronze pivot doors, or blackened stainless doors, MW can clad a wood core door with a metal skin.  This allows for a door to have a metal face and sides to the exterior, while retaining wood on the interior surface.

mw design workshop custom entry door
mw design workshop custom entry door cladded
mw design workshop custom pivot door

engineered core doors

Rather than a traditional stile-and-rail construction, our custom doors are laminated with a solid plywood core.  This construction allows for a strong, stable door at the joints with minimal movement or dimensional changes with changes in temperature and humidity.  This construction method results in a composite door that is more stable and flat than a traditionally made door.

coopered doors (convex/concave)

From our extensive experience curving wood for staircases, we also are adept at creating curved doors.  We can make both interior and exterior curved doors in wood and metal.  WHen we make a curved door, we also supply a custom curved jamb, and can provide a curved threshold for an entry door.

MW design workshop cooper door
mw design workshop custom engineer core door
mw design workshop custom entry door cooper

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we work closely with home owners, architects, designers, and builders in all steps along the way in order to deliver exactly what the project calls for. all of our work is custom done, so we need as much information as possible to get an accurate quote. contact us on our contact page.

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