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who we are

Located in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, MW Design Workshop is a team dedicated and drawn to fine design and craftsmanship with projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Established in 1985 by Alex Zukowski, with a maker’s heritage spanning more than a century, four generations and five nations, the team is led by father-son duo Alex and Josiah Zukowski.

what we do

Through integrating metal, wood, glass, and other fine materials we create custom staircases, entry doors, and other architectural elements. These projects require thoughtful planning, skillful execution, and exceptional customer service.

how we work

Design and project development are the foundation of sound work. Therefore we  continually invest in talent and technology to provide a complete in-house design cycle.  From hand drawings to fully engineered 3D models with photo renderings, our clients receive  designs that present an accurate, thorough and clear vision for their projects.  MW is adept at executing a fully developed project, or designing a staircase and railing system in-house.

Production is where craftsmanship, tools and vision come together.  Our team members are specialists,  but also collaborate in each other’s areas of expertise.  We start our days exchanging ideas and updates for coordination and progress.  This is an excellent way to unify our efforts.  We train and equip our team members to be proficient from traditional skills, all the way to modern CNC technology.

Customer service is an indispensable part of a great project and a successful enterprise.  Many words can be said about this subject; we cherish the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to take into consideration every stakeholder on a project and work with the other trades around our scope to ensure that the final product comes together successfully for everyone, and that what we have built we will be proud of for a very long time.

why we do it

We are "makers" because in the making of good things we find pleasure and purpose. We are all drawn in one way or another to beauty, creativity, innovation, and excellence. Taking an abstract idea to turn it into something physical is deeply human, and we passionately desire to engage in this practice at the highest level possible. We believe it is part of what makes us human, put in us by the one who made all things.  We hold that this is one of life’s worthwhile pursuits.

our team

Because we do so many things, everyone in our team wears many hats and can be found sawing or sanding wood, welding stair railings, doing sculptural patinas, running the CNC, or installing one of our projects.  While some of us are specialists, we all work as a team and cross disciplines regularly between wood, metal, and even glass.

Alex Zukowski - Founder and President.  Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alex is a third-generation craftsman who grew up watching his father hand-cut and select veneers for furniture pieces.  After moving to the US in the late 70's, Alex founded Master Woodworks inc in 1985, the same year his son was born.

Josiah Zukowski - VP of Sales.  Son of Alex, Josiah grew up sweeping the floor and sanding handrails in the shop, and after college he came back to work alongside his father to help grow the metal capabilities of Master Woodworks to become MW Design Workshop.  Josiah can usually be found riding his bike on forest back roads on the weekend.

contact us

mw design workshop

P.O. Box 5759

Salem, Oregon 97304


telephone: (503)-364-6430

email: [email protected]

OR CCB # 96061 | WA REG # MWDESDW810KH

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