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Established in 1985, MW Design Workshop has been crafting custom installations and furniture in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. Our reputation is built on innovative designs, customer service, and mastery of multiple materials. We specialize in solving difficult design dilemmas and bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and craftsmanship. We work hand-in-hand with architects and designers, or use our own in-house design capabilities to create installations and pieces that are a reflection of our passion for craftsmanship and service.

While our reputation was built on our custom, free-standing wooden stairs, we have since grown to be much more than a stair shop. Look through our portfolio for examples of our wide-range of projects. From entry doors to 3D engraved window trim, to forged iron handrails and moving, mechanical installations.


As the primary source of transportation between floors, we believe stairs should be more than simply another part of a building.  While we find that there is a practical aspect to stairs, there is also an artistic value which can manage to tie a whole new environment and feeling into a room.  For us, staircases aren't something to hide in a wall for simply a utilitarian purpose, but rather we choose to give our customers a product which will draw awe and wonder from anyone who lays eyes on them.  In Oregon, if it’s class and perfection you're looking for, we have the tools and skills necessary to deliver your every desire.

Railings offer a security feature to a variety of places, but we don’t find this should come at the expense of style and beauty.  Our handcrafted railings will offer the comfort you're looking for, and bring that much needed flavor to your decadent space.  When designing a space for beauty, railings are a key element to pushing your vision to fulfillment.  With a large variety of materials  and designs involving many different metals and woods, your railings will be an experience in and of themselves.

While the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” this rule has never applied to doors.  A door is the sample for the room to come.  If the door is jaw-dropping, the room expected behind the door is presumably just as bewildering.  We at MW believe in the value a door can bring to what is behind.  Almost as if to show the amazing things held within, a door is the perfect way to prepare the visitors for the grandeur to come.  Our selection of designs are most beneficial to you, the customer, in developing the persona you wish to bring to every room.  We will create for you the perfect entryway into each room to correctly portray the atmosphere which you desire to deliver.

Cladding offers our customers to have many different materials, textures, and styles implemented which are complementary to any design within your space.  Our cladding can include various kinds of metals such as bronze, steel and aluminum, woods varying from the simplicity of the light woods like birch and fir to the richness of walnut and sapele, plasters to give many different patterns, and stone facing for an outdoor and natural feel.  The cladding we provide can be the very thing which distinguishes each room, or pulls them all together.

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Rich traditional staircases and painstakingly hand-crafted historical restorations. Modern and industrial designs executed with precision fabrication. Take a look through our work  examples of custom staircases, entry doors, and furniture.

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